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Name: Jason Krueger
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I am a project manager in Ayres’ geospatial operations in Madison, Wisconsin. I have 17 years of experience with land information and mapping for public and private entities. I specialize in geospatial project design for municipal engineering and transportation design. Recent project assignments include considerable work for the Northern Colorado Consortium and the Illinois GIS Consortium, an organization of 23 municipalities in the Chicago area

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Mar 23

WROC Earns ‘Best of State’, Featured in Latest TRENDS

We’re very proud of the feature article about the Wisconsin Regional Ortho Consortium (WROC) in the latest issue of TRENDS magazine.  Learn how a collaboration of local, county, state, and private organizations worked together to build this program and how it’s being applied by this diverse range of stakeholders. The American Council of Engineering Companies …

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Feb 29

Spring Aerial Photography Season is Here!

The Aerial Mapping group at Ayres Associates has officially kicked off their spring aerial photography season for 2016.  The flight crews will be busy traveling throughout the Midwest over the next couple of months capturing high resolution aerial imagery.  Take advantage of the opportunity to capture cost effective imagery for your projects while the aircraft and digital …

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Nov 10

HD Laser Scan of WWII Era Tug Boat in Kewaunee

As part of a survey of the Kewaunee Harbor on Lake Michigan, Ayres Associates captured a detailed Laser Scan of the Harbor Park and surrounding area. The centerpiece of the Park is the Tug Ludington, which participated in the D-Day Invasion of Normandy and had an important role in Great Lakes.  Formerly known as LT-4 by its …

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Oct 28

Cutting Culverts into Lidar DEM’s

Lidar has become an important tool for management of water resources and for designing mitigation efforts for localized flood events.  While regional issues have driven topographic mapping efforts for counties, watersheds, and floodplains, the high accuracy and high definition Lidar surface models are now being applied to micro-drainage solutions.  However, the lack of culvert information with these surface models can present an issue for proper …

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Oct 07

Topographic Change Detection Models from LiDAR

Using multiple LiDAR surface models for detecting and monitoring change in topography over time.  by Mike Seidel (Geospatial Services Technician) and Jason Krueger (Project Manager) Local government entities are building new applications for Lidar that go far beyond the typical stormwater and floodplain applications. For example, we have written several articles on this blog site about vegetation and building extraction …

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Sep 01

Remote Sensing to ID Ash Trees in Urban Forest near Chicago, Illinois

Multispectral Imagery, Aerial LiDAR, and Ground Truthing Provide a Full Picture of an Urban Canopy By Jason Krueger, Ayres Associates; Jason Carlson, Applied Ecological Services; and Dr. Fugui Wang, Applied Ecological Services The greater Chicago region has been deeply affected by the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) – an invasive species that has done considerable damage …

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Aug 02

High Density Lidar for Illinois Municipalities

Communities in northeastern Illinois incorporate high density aerial Lidar into everyday municipal engineering applications.  The rich data derived from these point clouds are being used for capital improvement projects, stormwater management, urban forestry, and planning.  Collaboration between municipalities allow smaller and mid-sized communities to economically implement this technology. Micro-Drainage Analysis The higher definition surfaces derived from Lidar …

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Jul 08

HD Laser Scanning to Support Broad Services at Ayres

HD laser scanning is among the many services available at Ayres Associates. Our extensive history of supporting diverse engineering applications allows us to approach each project as a unique mission with an individualized solution. Because Ayres Associates incorporates the experience of many disciplines in the implementation of the HD scanning technology, your project and budget …

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Jun 08

Illinois GIS Consortium: Value through Collaboration

An invitation to municipalities in the greater Chicago area to participate in this high accuracy aerial mapping program. With the completion of the 2015 GIS Consortium (GISC) flights and with production in full-swing, communities are already preparing their mapping budgets for 2016 and beyond. GIS Consortium Members The GIS Consortium (GISC) is a group of local …

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May 24

Semi-automated Building Extraction from Aerial Imagery

A combination of traditional photogrammetric techniques and new software applications can now be used for semi-automated building extraction from high-resolution aerial imagery. This process enables a cost-effective alternative to manual building footprint compilation. Ayres Associates has developed workflows that support the creation of both simple 2D footprints and complex 3D buildings tailored to meet project …

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May 12

Ayres Spatially Integrated Video System

Our Spatially Integrated Video system provides street level information for a wide range of municipal and highway applications.  The mobile video captured with geo-referencing capabilities can be formatted for use within a GIS platform with hyperlink attribution. The video segments include embedded directional and vector displays for efficient locational orientation. Applications for this product may …

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Apr 27

31,211 Square Miles of LiDAR in Wisconsin

Since 2004, Ayres Associates has provided aerial LiDAR services for 41 Wisconsin counties.  We’ve acquired over 6,500 square miles of LiDAR in 2015… and counting! For over a decade these LiDAR projects have supported a wide range of applications around the State- from floodplain delineation to forestry analysis.  While designed to meet FEMA accuracy standards for floodplain analysis, counties …

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Apr 23

Another Successful Aerial Imagery & LiDAR Flight Season for GIS Consortium

Ayres Associates wrapped up another year of aerial imagery and LiDAR missions for the Illinois GIS Consortium.  This marks 15 consecutive years of aerial mapping missions for these Chicago area communities.   Digital Aerial Imagery Approximately 90 square miles of high resolution aerial imagery was acquired this spring using an UltraCAM Eagle digital imaging system. The …

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Mar 13

GIS Consortium featured in Spring issue of TRENDS

The GIS Consortium and the Village of Tinley Park, Illinois are featured in the current issue of TRENDS. “Supportive solutions: GIS Consortium provides cutting-edge data to impacted communities” By Bob Brown Read the article here:  http://www.ayresassociates.com/wp-content/ayres_images/GIS-Spring15.pdf       The Illinois-based GIS Consortium (GISC) is a group of 29 communities in the Chicago region that …

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Mar 08

3D Mapping: Valuable By-product of LiDAR

3D Feature extraction from LiDAR can provide municipalities with fresh perspectives on urban planning and help secure broad project support. The traditional view of LiDAR as a tool to produce topographic contours for floodplain studies is being challenged by increasingly complex applications for feature extraction from this technology.  Today, instead of merely looking at the …

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