Feb 24

Land information gathering highlights best of Wisconsin




This week, hundreds of land information professionals, GIS specialists, mapping experts, and others have come together for the 30th annual Wisconsin Land Information Association conference in Wisconsin Dells. The event, which Ayres Associates proudly sponsors at the platinum level, offers more than 50 educational sessions, technical workshops, and countless opportunities to network with our geospatial peers.

WLIA is a critically important grass-roots organization in Wisconsin, representing a diverse collection of professionals dedicated to developing, maintaining, and applying a network of statewide land information systems. For us at Ayres, the annual conference is an important event we wouldn’t miss and make a point to participate in at every level – speaking, moderating sessions, exhibiting, attending meetings, and, perhaps most critical of all, networking.

This year, six of our staff are presenting on timely aerial mapping-related topics: unmanned aerial systems, remote sensing, LiDAR, and point clouds.

The presentation Jason Krueger and Jason Komorowski delivered Thursday on “Practical Applications for UAS for Engineering & Survey” examined how Ayres is using unmanned aerial systems or UAS for site and structural observation and for topographic mapping.




20170223_144510Later Thursday, Adam Derringer of Ayres, along with Joe Phillippi of Menominee Tribal Enterprises (MTE) delivered an informative 30-minute presentation on “Using Remote Sensing to Analyze 2007 Tornado Forest Reforestation.” Adam and Joe explained how a June 2007 tornado wiped out more than 2,200 acres of prime forest land and how MTE hired Ayres to use remote sensing to economically assess the forest’s regeneration – so that foresters could design a plan to ensure a positive financial result for future generations.


Later this morning, Zach Nienow of Ayres and Jason Poser of Buffalo County will deliver “LiDAR for Buffalo County – From Conception to Completion,” unveiling how a LiDAR journey that started in 2014 is coming to completion now, explaining how the project won support, how it was funded, and how data was acquired and processed. After their presentation, Jason Krueger and Jeff Koppensteiner will share “Point Clouds: Examining LiDAR and Photogrammetry as Tools,” diving into the intricacies of LiDAR-derived point clouds and point clouds extracted by dense image matching.


Despite the heavy snow descending upon us here today, we’re thrilled to be here with so many of our GIS peers and clients – interacting, learning, and networking. We’ll be posting highlights from our presentations and experience at this year’s WLIA conference next week. In the meantime, visit www.wlia.org/annual-conference/ to see more now.




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