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Apr 18

Droning on and on…Are drones destined for the trash?

No, drone technology is not going away. In fact, its use in the professional services marketplace is only expanding. One application we’ve developed expertise in is utilizing UAS to analyze landfills. Landfills are often run as a business, and, like any business, operators make decisions based on metrics and try to increase efficiencies to improve …

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Mar 30

Using Remote Sensing for Forest Regeneration Analysis

Forestry is the backbone of the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin’s economy. For 150 years, Menominee Tribal Enterprises (MTE) has managed the Tribe’s 235,000 acres and has become an industry leader in sustainable forestry.  In 2007, a tornado destroyed over 2,200 acres of prime hardwood forest, creating a massive impact on future revenue. MTE was …

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Oct 26

Integrating UAS into Ayres Professional Services

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), or drones, are becoming increasingly common tool in the survey, mapping, and engineering fields. Incorporating these aerial imaging and mapping platforms into our services is adding new dimensions and perspectives as we measure and observe project sites and structures. This technology is a tremendous tool where site safety and accessibility are …

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Jan 28

Rapid Tree Canopy Delineation from Aerial LiDAR

Recent developments in mapping technology have made it possible to efficiently extract two dimensional tree canopy polygons from LiDAR point clouds, even in leaf-off conditions. Historically, LiDAR data has been utilized primarily to create high resolution ground surfaces and digital contours. Digital Elevation Models and Digital Surface Models are the most common products derived from …

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Sep 01

Remote Sensing to ID Ash Trees in Urban Forest near Chicago, Illinois

Multispectral Imagery, Aerial LiDAR, and Ground Truthing Provide a Full Picture of an Urban Canopy By Jason Krueger, Ayres Associates; Jason Carlson, Applied Ecological Services; and Dr. Fugui Wang, Applied Ecological Services The greater Chicago region has been deeply affected by the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) – an invasive species that has done considerable damage …

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Apr 23

Another Successful Aerial Imagery & LiDAR Flight Season for GIS Consortium

Ayres Associates wrapped up another year of aerial imagery and LiDAR missions for the Illinois GIS Consortium.  This marks 15 consecutive years of aerial mapping missions for these Chicago area communities.   Digital Aerial Imagery Approximately 90 square miles of high resolution aerial imagery was acquired this spring using an UltraCAM Eagle digital imaging system. The …

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Nov 04

Ayres Associates helping Menominee Tribal Enterprises track forest health

The Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin realized long ago that their future depended on the forest. With lands totaling 235,000 acres, the Tribe began practicing forest management over 150 years ago and in 1908 created what is now known as Menominee Tribal Enterprises (MTE) to manage their lands.  To this day, forestry remains the backbone …

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Oct 10

Tracking Impact of Emerald Ash Borer from Aerial Imagery

Ayres Associates is providing specialized infrared aerial imagery and LiDAR tools for urban tree canopy analysis in the Chicago area. Municipalities are taking extraordinary measures to deal with the impacts of the Emerald Ash Borer on urban forests. Aerial imagery may provide a useful tool for detecting dead and dying trees and for tracking the decline in the tree …

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May 28

Tree Canopy Mapping from LiDAR in Chicago Region

Urban Tree Canopy Mapping in Tinley Park, IL. Ayres Associates derived tree crown and centroid data in the Village of Tinley Park using fixed-wing aerial LiDAR acquired at ~ 20 points per square meter. Individual tree crowns and centroids were prepared in shapefile format along with a rasterized Canopy Height Model (CHM). These vectorized features are attributed with calculated statistics …

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Apr 18

Geospatial Solutions for Urban Forest Management

Urban forests are a valuable asset to the growth and prosperity of human ecology.  Not only do city trees increase property value and help to conserve energy by shading and cooling buildings, they also contribute to a number of health benefits by improving the quality of our air and water. A diverse population of trees …

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Mar 31

What’s Growing In Your Lake?

Monitor and Measure Your Aquatic Vegetation with the Latest Mapping Technology Monitoring the conditions of riparian areas is an integral part of protecting the health of aquatic ecosystems. Together with Applied Ecological Services (AES), our team at Ayres Associates has developed a method for mapping lakes and riparian zones from the air.  Our partnership provides …

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