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May 24

Unmanned Aerial Systems – one tool in the geospatial toolbox

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) have become an established tool in the survey, mapping, and engineering fields. Incorporating these aerial imaging and mapping platforms into our services is adding new dimensions and perspectives as we measure, observe, and inspect project sites and structures. This technology excels in situations where site safety and accessibility are a concern. …

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Mar 06

“Orthos 101” webinar coming May 3, 2018

The science behind aerial imagery, orthoimagery production, and photogrammetry, and what it means for Wisconsin Our aerial mapping experts will be hosting an “Orthos 101” webinar on May 3, 2018 at 1pm. In today’s world of drones, obliques, and LiDAR (light detection and ranging), you may be asking yourself if the principles of photogrammetry still matter. …

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Oct 11

Baselines are Critical for Asset Management Solutions

Ayres Associates is excited to be sponsoring and attending the Cartegraph National Conference in Denver, Colorado, this week. We partnered with Cartegraph earlier this year to bring our clients improved asset management solutions and offer the best outcomes possible to our many municipal and private clients around the country. While at the conference, we’re among …

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Aug 10

Capturing an Impressive Display of Aviation History

Ayres Associates and Applied Ecological Services were granted the privilege to capture high resolution digital aerial imagery of the EAA AirVenture gathering in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Ayres and AES have been partners in aerial imagery acquisition and specialized remote sensing application for over 5 years.  Using a Leica RCD30 we have collaborated on projects ranging from …

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Jul 25

UAS Rules for Recreational Users

 If you follow this blog – or follow the U.S. geospatial market – you know that operating a UAS or drone for commercial purposes is strictly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Ayres Associates has been using UAS on projects for the past few years. We follow all 624 pages of the Part 107 …

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Jun 20

Ayres Expands Asset Management Offerings

Asset inventory and management is nothing new to Ayres Associates. In fact, we have been mapping assets for decades, and just completed a city-wide utility infrastructure project for a private client within the past year. In short, Ayres knows assets, but a recent partnership with Cartegraph has allowed us to expand our asset management solutions …

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Jun 14

Wisconsin LiDAR data compatibility

A number of events have occurred over the last several years that are important to be aware of when using Wisconsin LiDAR .las datasets in GIS software. Here is a timeline of these events: 2014 LAS version 1.4 becomes the industry standard point cloud file format 2015 EPSG publishes WISCRS with codes for each county, …

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Jun 09

Ayres Associates Works with Kids at the Children’s Water Festival in Fort Collins, CO

  Staff from Ayres Associates recently had the opportunity to do a series of presentations at the Children’s Water Festival in Fort Collins, CO.  The 26th annual festival is an opportunity for professionals from a wide range of water related professions to come together and educate over 1,800 third graders on the importance of water through …

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Apr 18

Droning on and on…Are drones destined for the trash?

No, drone technology is not going away. In fact, its use in the professional services marketplace is only expanding. One application we’ve developed expertise in is utilizing UAS to analyze landfills. Landfills are often run as a business, and, like any business, operators make decisions based on metrics and try to increase efficiencies to improve …

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Mar 30

Using Remote Sensing for Forest Regeneration Analysis

Forestry is the backbone of the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin’s economy. For 150 years, Menominee Tribal Enterprises (MTE) has managed the Tribe’s 235,000 acres and has become an industry leader in sustainable forestry.  In 2007, a tornado destroyed over 2,200 acres of prime hardwood forest, creating a massive impact on future revenue. MTE was …

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Feb 03

Aerial Lidar in Wisconsin: A View from the Ground Level

Ayres Presents Aerial Lidar Workshop at Surveyors Conference Zach Nienow and Matt Vinopal had the opportunity to demonstrate applications of Lidar during the 68th Surveyors Institute organized by the Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors (WSLS). This three day event in the Wisconsin Dells is one of the best attended professional events for surveyors in the Midwest and features many continuing …

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Dec 12

Geospatial Technology for Stormwater Management

Effective stormwater management can make or break a municipalities preparedness for major rain and flood events. Too often municipalities opt for reacting to major storm events, rather than properly preparing for them.  Storm event preparedness is no easy feat and it often takes tremendous effort to identify and prioritize best management practices.  Ayres Associates understands the …

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Oct 26

Integrating UAS into Ayres Professional Services

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), or drones, are becoming increasingly common tool in the survey, mapping, and engineering fields. Incorporating these aerial imaging and mapping platforms into our services is adding new dimensions and perspectives as we measure and observe project sites and structures. This technology is a tremendous tool where site safety and accessibility are …

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Sep 15

Ayres Associates Attends the Annual Colorado Stormwater and Floodplain Managers Conference

  The 27th annual Colorado Stormwater and Floodplain Managers Conference (CASFM) has kicked off and is filled with bright minds and innovation from across the state of Colorado.  Attendees from state organizations, municipalities, consulting firms and more are gathering to gain certifications, present solutions and enjoy the comradery amongst water focused professionals. In addition to …

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Aug 23

Cooperative Aerial Imagery Missions in Illinois

County and municipal governments in Illinois are benefitting from coordinating their aerial photography programs- saving money through efficient use of aircraft and high accuracy mapping cameras.   In the past four years, Ayres Associates has collected thousands of square miles of aerial photography- for dozens of counties and communities throughout the State. No matter the size …

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