Dec 12

Geospatial Technology for Stormwater Management


Effective stormwater management can make or break a municipalities preparedness for major rain and flood events. Too often municipalities opt for reacting to major storm events, rather than properly preparing for them.  Storm event preparedness is no easy feat and it often takes tremendous effort to identify and prioritize best management practices.  Ayres Associates understands the many complexities involved in stormwater management and our talented team of geospatial and engineering experts can provide data driven solution that help reduce and eliminate risks associated with major storm events.

floodAccurate information is a vital component to mitigating risk up front and quickly reacting to events as they occur.  Ayres Associates suite of geospatial solutions can provide the necessary information needed to facilitate the process of planning, constructing, monitoring and continuously improving your stormwater management program.

Geospatial information technology comes in all shapes and sizes.  Whether it’s utilizing GPS technology to inventory stormwater assets, using advanced modeling techniques to design capital infrastructure improvements or deploying manned and unmanned aircraft to monitor events as they occur, Ayres Associates is ready to guide you through solutions tailored to your needs.

storm-surgeDeveloping a successful stormwater program hinges on routine collection and maintenance of data relevant to supporting your infrastructure and allowing for continuous improvement based analytics.  In today’s environment, understanding the location of information is key to proper planning.  This is why more and more organizations are relying on geospatial datasets to guide them in administering stormwater management programs.  Routinely collecting LiDAR and imagery not only provides a snapshot of conditions and statistics at a given point in time, but they can also be used to derive additional datasets such as asset inventories used for efficient maintenance operations, capacity modeling and improvement analytics.

5_tin_conts_onlySpatially accurate asset inventories are also necessary for adherence to MS4 permits for stormwater discharge, improving your Community Rating System (CRS) class and reducing flood insurance rates for local residents and businesses.  Ayres Associates deploys a range of techniques to provide stormwater management information, including; aerial and terrestrial data collection, impervious surface analysis, field inventorying, overland flow modeling, permit application support, pollutant load analysis, floodplain modeling, post event survey and reporting, flood inundation modeling and much more.

So when creating or improving your stormwater management program, don’t just wait for the next big event to determine your next steps.  Get ahead of big storms and floods by routinely collecting and analyzing geospatial data to empower your workforce with readily available solutions to mitigate and more effectively react to the inevitable forces of nature.

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