Aug 23

Cooperative Aerial Imagery Missions in Illinois


County and municipal governments in Illinois are benefitting from coordinating their aerial photography programs- saving money through efficient use of aircraft and high accuracy mapping cameras.


In the past four years, Ayres Associates has collected thousands of square miles of aerial photography- for dozens of counties and communities throughout the State. No matter the size of the area or whether is urban or rural, we apply equal resources and aggressive schedules for each project to encourage greater participation and lower fees for all.


Mobilization Discountscover-Ottawa_IL_2

As part of our continuing effort to build upon the grassroots success of our orthoimagery partnership amongst local government, we offer discounts when multiple counties in Illinois acquire aerial imagery in the same timeframe. This is a result of significant savings in aircraft operating costs. Once we have commitments sufficient commitments, we apply a mobilization discount to all participants in the aerial imagery missions.  In recent years the discounts have been as high as 10-15%.


Flexible Budgeting OptionsMarion2_IL

Ayres Associates understands and appreciates budget constraints that counties and municipalities are facing.  To help facilitate these important projects, we offer flexible budgeting options on a case-by-case basis.  As an example, a county can potentially split the project costs over two fiscal years- budget for the aerial imagery in year one, and the production and delivery of products early within year two.





3-inch Resolution Options for Municipal Areas.

glenviewAyres Associates is collecting high resolution aerial imagery for municipalities- from the Chicago area to county-seats in southern Illinois.  Aerial imagery at 3-inch resolution imagery is being applied to a myriad of municipal applications, including engineering, planning and zoning, public works, and public safety.  We can provide these services as buy-ups to county-IL_6-inch_c2wide efforts or as standalone projects as needed.

Ayres Associates has a long history of service to counties and municipalities in Illinois We have established a unique ability to build partnerships among our clients. We have helped build  many grassroots partnership programs in which participants work together to take advantage of cost-sharing opportunities.



















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