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Dec 28

Integrating Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with Geospatial Services

Ayres Associates has always been driven to develop the best solutions to fit our client’s needs by utilizing a combination of advanced technologies and work flows.  So, it should not be surprising that Ayres has embraced the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and now regularly integrates the data from such systems into its project …

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Jun 30

Automated Extraction of Building Footprints Using LiDAR

Delineating and mapping building footprints may be used for multiple purposes such as emergency management, planning and zoning, demographic estimations, and natural resource management. It is fairly quick to heads-up-digitize buildings in a small area of interest. But it is very time consuming to digitize building footprints for a large area. Using classified LiDAR points …

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Dec 01

New EPSG codes published for Wisconsin

On November 25, 2015, EPSG codes were published for Wisconsin’s county-specific coordinate systems. This is the first time that the Wisconsin Coordinate Reference System (WISCRS) will have registered EPSG codes. The codes reference the NAD83 (2011) definition of WISCRS, which was required by EPSG. The codes can be found at http://www.epsg-registry.org/. What does this mean …

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Jun 08

Illinois GIS Consortium: Value through Collaboration

An invitation to municipalities in the greater Chicago area to participate in this high accuracy aerial mapping program. With the completion of the 2015 GIS Consortium (GISC) flights and with production in full-swing, communities are already preparing their mapping budgets for 2016 and beyond. GIS Consortium Members The GIS Consortium (GISC) is a group of local …

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