Dec 01

New EPSG codes published for Wisconsin

On November 25, 2015, EPSG codes were published for Wisconsin’s county-specific coordinate systems. This is the first time that the Wisconsin Coordinate Reference System (WISCRS) will have registered EPSG codes. The codes reference the NAD83 (2011) definition of WISCRS, which was required by EPSG. The codes can be found at http://www.epsg-registry.org/.

What does this mean for Wisconsin GIS users?

Picture1The EPSG codes are used by geospatial software companies to name and reference coordinate systems in a standardized way across the industry. Now we can request that new software releases include each of the WISCRS definitions so that county datasets are recognized and available in the projection drop down lists. This means that you won’t need to load custom parameters from a .prj.

There is an added benefit for lidar datasets being produced in Wisconsin as part of 3DEP. The USGS requires the EPSG codes for data to be accepted by their 3DEP program. Now the USGS will accept datasets in WISCRS, in addition to UTM and State Plane coordinates. And that means more efficient publishing of Wisconsin lidar data in the National Map.

For more information about the newest release, visit:  http://www.epsg.org/WhatIsNew



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